About Me!

Ok guys, I will make this a quick one for now. I will come back t edit this ‘About Me’ page another day. Off to a couple of meetings soon.

As I mentioned earlier in the ‘Welcome page’ My name is Brad, I’m 29 years old, live in Perth, W.A and it has been my dream to one day own my own DVD store. Now I know what you are thinking….no one goes to hire DVD’s anymore, what a stupid idea. Well yes and no. Yes hiring DVD’s has become a thing of the past but with the increase in technology provides an increase in opportunity. I will happily go into more details in a latter post but this store will have a lot of the basic concepts of the old school video stores but with a modern take and become a facility that can be used for other gaming and movie viewing experiences.

So stay tuned, I will update this page more as we go. For any direct questions please contact me here!