Rubbish Week

Repair My Mobile Phone Perth Blackberry broken

Hi Guys,

Well what a rubbish week it’s been so far, turns out business is a hard, hard game. Just when you think things are falling into place it come crumbling down again. Never fear though, I am determined and it really is only a few small set backs. So what happened? I hear you ask. Well it started on Monday when I dropped my mobile phone, I know, we have all been there at some point. The screen was smashed but still slightly usable despite the glass shards that were falling out. Now this wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I had several very important phone calls to make in the week ahead and no idea on how to get my phone in to get fixed. My hero for the week was the team at Repair My Mobile Phone Perth who were able to come to my store and pick the phone up from me, fix it and return it at no extra charge!? Absolutely amazing! Unfortunately it took me until Wednesday before I actually got on the net to look for a repairer. If only I had done it sooner…..

So for those first few days of not having a mobile phone that was really working, I ended up missing calls from the banks, contractors, family and sponsors…talk about timing haha. So first off it was the banks, I have been waiting desperately to hear back as to whether or not I can increase my loan to by the store next door to mine. Yeah I know, I had to put my big boy pants on and everything when I asked. The reason behind this is simple. I will be limited with space very quickly if I design the store in the way I want it to be. Yes I know that I could design it differently but if I’m not going to be happy then what’s the point. Might as well do it right the first time. So that would be it, I set up my DVD store and hope that people come buy to hire a DVD which we all know is a little bit of a dead market. As I mentioned previously in another post somewhere I would ultimately like to expand and take on a bit more of a gaming/ home theatre market. Well it seems that that ‘one day’ is actually upon me know with the store next to me going up for sale.

So with a possible expansion in place it is time for me to speak to the banks and get the ball moving. I also needed to find contractors this week and with my phone being out of action it was damn near impossible to do. In a series of long winded emails, brief phone calls and missing most of my appointments which all seemed to be rescheduled on me it has been a nightmare. There are some positives to come from this though. I have made several appointments which should be quite beneficial in terms of sponsors with gaming companies and competitions. I feel that this will become quite a lucrative market and allows the possibility for expansion, interstate/ international??? Now I a getting too far ahead of myself haha. All in good time guys. Get excited because this is going to get interesting!

If anyone has any questions or advice then just contact me here.


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