Moving In!

Well I didn’t think I’d be sitting here in the building I now own, keys in one hand, cup of coffee in the other. What a fantastic start to the morning. Unfortunately now it is all systems go, I have had a lot of time over the years to plan this store out but there is a lot of work involved, more so than I initially thought. Due to expresses I didn’t end up with as much money left over as I originally intended but that is ok for now. I still have enough in my back pocket to make a start f things. First thing first is to tidy up this place a bit. Gotten a bit dusty.

I am thinking of getting some new window tint for the front windows, something dark…. or reflective? The old stuff barely keeps the sun out and it come in quite ferociously in the afternoon. Certainly don’t want that to fade my new DVD’s gaming consoles etc. Or even just to get rid of the glare over the TV’s.

There is a fair bit to do but we will get there day by day step by step. Anyway I should get bak to it, thought’d I’d just take a minute to say hi to everyone before disappearing into my little building for another couple of hours haha.

Take care guys, contact me here if you’d like. Otherwise I’ll catch you on my next post soon 🙂


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