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Tint My Windows Perth Office 1Hi all,

So as I have mentioned we are in the process of setting up our new DVD store – Dark Matters DVD and wow, It has certainly been an adventure! Who knew that with a simple DVD store can be so difficult to set up. In a world where DVD’s can be bought online in a heart beat I know that my competition will be fierce but the fails in comparison in the day to day nitty gritty. The dream will continue on as I want my store to bring back the nostalgia of decades of family’s heading down to their local video store on a Friday night to get their supplies of DVD’s/videos for the weekend ahead. I intend to let these experiences drive my business and let nostalgia take over.
That being said there is a lot to be said for attention to detail and I would like to give a shout out to the company Tint My Windows Perth for their fantastic work in giving my new business some seriously cool tinting at the front. These blokes are all about helping the local business man and have a great attitude to their work.

That’s one more job off the list of many and I have to say it feels good to accomplish something, even if it is a small task. There are many more to go and as I said in my first few blogs, I’d like to update my friends/ family/ fans as much as possible on this blog.

I am still in the process of negotiating with contractors on price for shelving units and maybe incorporating an area for movie screenings for all those die hard movie fans out there. The ideas just keep flowing and now I’m in negotiations of potentially expanding to tackle the online gaming market as well. I think it would be a great idea to have areas set up where people can come and compete (either online or on consoles) against one another in a tournament style winner takes all battle. Unfortunately to expand and run with this idea I will need to talk to the banks and see if they will lend me a few more dollars….fingers crossed :-).
If they do this business will take off faster than I expected, it may be time for me to contact my accountants to see what it is I can actually afford to do haha. I do have a habit of letting my imagination run wild 😛

Keep you posted guys.

P.S I had a friend contact me because he was concerned of websites tracking information etc through this site. As I said to him just contact me if anyone would like more info. Our privacy policy is a bit of a smaller page but we do have the info.

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