Hey guys! The loans got approved!!!! Wohooo!!! This is super super exciting. Words can’t describe this feeling. Thank you to the crew at Home Loans Bad Credit for helping me to get the business loan. Due to a few poor decisions in the past I had a history of bad credit, I did’t even know if this new business venture would be even possible. Luckily it was. For those of you people who don’t know what I am on about I will explain. 

It all started many years ago, back when hiring DVD’s/videos were the norm. I thought (being a dorky teenager at the time) that the coolest job in the world would be to own my own video store. I spent most of my time there anyway but I thought it would be really cool to do it all my own way. As the years passed the dream of owning my own dvd store was slowly buried under a mountain of bills and eventually died, or so I thought. Not only did I think that that dream was over but the entire industry was ready to collapse. With the introduction of iTunes and other means and methods of getting DVD’s online in an instant any opportunity to pursue my dream seemed pointless.

The years passed and I slowly managed to get through the bills and I found my self in a position recently where I thought to myself, I can go two ways here…..either spend the rest of my life doing what i’m doing, slowly getting no where ….or……… I can say screw it, take the world on and chase my dream, even if the industry wasn’t what it used to be it has in some way, opened up more opportunities to generate an income. Movie marathon nights, gaming comps/ releases, publicity through gaming companies etc. I thought of these just as I was typing, the scope can be endless for those of us who will continue to push.

Needless to say I thought screw it and managed to find a decent size office/building in Perth. I spoke very nicely to the banks, laid out my business plan and now just waiting approval 🙂 fingers crossed. The point of this site is to keep people updated with the ins and outs of running this new business. I may not have as much time as I used to so it is important to me to try and keep in touch with my friends and family as much as possible.

So please stay tuned because this is going to be a wild ride!

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