Month: February 2016

Tint My Windows Perth Office 1Hi all,

So as I have mentioned we are in the process of setting up our new DVD store – Dark Matters DVD and wow, It has certainly been an adventure! Who knew that with a simple DVD store can be so difficult to set up. In a world where DVD’s can be bought online in a heart beat I know that my competition will be fierce but the fails in comparison in the day to day nitty gritty. The dream will continue on as I want my store to bring back the nostalgia of decades of family’s heading down to their local video store on a Friday night to get their supplies of DVD’s/videos for the weekend ahead. I intend to let these experiences drive my business and let nostalgia take over.
That being said there is a lot to be said for attention to detail and I would like to give a shout out to the company Tint My Windows Perth for their fantastic work in giving my new business some seriously cool tinting at the front. These blokes are all about helping the local business man and have a great attitude to their work. Read More It Begins!


Well I didn’t think I’d be sitting here in the building I now own, keys in one hand, cup of coffee in the other. What a fantastic start to the morning. Unfortunately now it is all systems go, I have had a lot of time over the years to plan this store out but there is a lot of work involved, more so than I initially thought. Due to expresses I didn’t end up with as much money left over as I originally intended but that is ok for now. I still have enough in my back pocket to make a start f things. First thing first is to tidy up this place a bit. Gotten a bit dusty.

I am thinking of getting some new window tint for the front windows, something dark…. or reflective? The old stuff barely keeps the sun out and it come in quite ferociously in the afternoon. Certainly don’t want that to fade my new DVD’s gaming consoles etc. Or even just to get rid of the glare over the TV’s.

There is a fair bit to do but we will get there day by day step by step. Anyway I should get bak to it, thought’d I’d just take a minute to say hi to everyone before disappearing into my little building for another couple of hours haha.

Take care guys, contact me here if you’d like. Otherwise I’ll catch you on my next post soon 🙂





Hey guys! The loans got approved!!!! Wohooo!!! This is super super exciting. Words can’t describe this feeling. Thank you to the crew at Home Loans Bad Credit for helping me to get the business loan. Due to a few poor decisions in the past I had a history of bad credit, I did’t even know if this new business venture would be even possible. Luckily it was. For those of you people who don’t know what I am on about I will explain.  Read More Approved!!


Repair My Mobile Phone Perth Blackberry broken

Hi Guys,

Well what a rubbish week it’s been so far, turns out business is a hard, hard game. Just when you think things are falling into place it come crumbling down again. Never fear though, I am determined and it really is only a few small set backs. So what happened? I hear you ask. Well it started on Monday when I dropped my mobile phone, I know, we have all been there at some point. The screen was smashed but still slightly usable despite the glass shards that were falling out. Now this wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I had several very important phone calls to make in the week ahead and no idea on how to get my phone in to get fixed. My hero for the week was the team at Repair My Mobile Phone Perth who were able to come to my store and pick the phone up from me, fix it and return it at no extra charge!? Absolutely amazing! Unfortunately it took me until Wednesday before I actually got on the net to look for a repairer. If only I had done it sooner….. Read More Rubbish Week


DVDHi guys,

Time to get the ball rolling on this bad boy. But the way if anyone wants some more information on the history of DVD‘s etc (younger cousins I’m looking at you, click the link). Thought I would give you a quick update on all the cool things that have been going on and what I have achieved so far. First a little house keeping. As I said in the first post this site is mainly to update my friends and family on the progress of my business. If you happen to stumble across it please feel free to read away and I do hope that you enjoy it but it needs to be said. Read More House Keeping


Alright, alright, alright. Just to kick things off this is a quick hello. Well truth be told it’s more a way for me to test if I know how to post things on this site properly. Fingers crossed. So the story goes, My name is Brad, I’m 29 and been a made dvd enthusiast/ gamer from way back. I am now in the process of setting up my new store Dark Matter DVD’s. Feel free to check out more info in the about page (for those who want to learn more about me!) and for those of you who need to contact me please follow this link.

Sweet hopefully this goes through. Stay tuned for my next post!